April 23, 2014

Digital Photo Albums

Digital photographs have become extremely popular nowadays due to their inherent advantages over the more traditional sorts of photographs.  They can be viewed and used immediately after they have been taken – no need to wait out long film development times thanks to the fact that they require no further development unless they need to be tweaked somehow.  They can also be shared and enjoyed almost instantaneously thanks to the pervasiveness of internet connections and the wide range of equipment that can be connected over the internet or more localized wireless connections such as Bluetooth.  And thanks to the compressibility of files and the ever-dropping prices of storage media, thousands and even millions of digital pictures are far easier to store – in digital albums – than printed pictures.

Digital photo albums have a definite and tangible advantage over actual physical albums that store printed pictures. Firstly, due to the fact that storage media capacity is increasing while its price is dropping, it is becoming ever easier to store large amounts of high-quality pictures, and in digital albums as large as desired, on even a tiny flash disk or memory card.  This is possible even if the pictures stored in that disk or card are of the highest resolution and the highest quality possible or desirable.  By comparison, a physical printed picture album can only contain so many pictures before it becomes too large and/or heavy, and thus too unwieldy to be brought around easily.

Digital photo albums can easily be modified or tweaked to suit the needs or tastes of their recipients or viewers. Pictures can be increased or decreased in size very easily to ease viewing or for viewing on large monitors or TVs, or for high resolution printing purposes.  By comparison, it is impossible for users of physical picture albums to do anything similar with the pictures they view – they would have to digitize them first using a document scanner and then manipulate the images they derive by doing so.

It can be equally easy for viewers or users of digital albums to do something as drastic as changing the formatting of the album itself and selecting another format or template that suits them better. Digital photo albums can easily be re-sized and cropped according to the recipients’ changing needs.  Depending on the format of the album, it can even be easy for users to make use of pictures stored inside digital albums for their own purposes.  The same cannot be said of albums using traditional pictures, which cannot be changed in the same way.  Such a change can only be effected by purchasing a new album and painstakingly transferring the pictures to it one at a time.

A digital photo albums’ advantage over printed picture albums is so great as to make the comparison almost pointless.  However, there is one advantage a printed picture holds over a digital one: there is currently no digital substitute for a printed picture stored in one’s wallet, which can be taken out and utilized immediately when the need suddenly arises.  Mano Tomas M&G Production Wedding Photography Videographer http://www.mgproduction.ca

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