April 24, 2014

Slide Scanning Services – Preserve Photos And More The Smart Way!

Scanning SlidesThe memories you have in photos, slides, negatives, home movies, and videos that you have from years gone by, could be lost if you don’t preserve them right.  Using slide scanning services you can have all these things digitized so they can be easily preserved virtually forever, or at least as long as we’re using DVDs and CDs. Take a minute and think about it, do you want those memories to fade because paper or film deteriorates?  You are probably answering “No” right now.

Let’s take a look at what slide scanning is able to do for you.

Slides can be digitally converted to either CD or a DVD format. Remember how delicate slides can be.  This is a great way to save them just in case damage occurs to the originals.  You’ll also be able to view the slides easily on a computer.  Depending on the plan you go with, different adjustments can be made.

35mm negatives are so fragile.  It only takes one tear or mark and no more pictures ever from those negatives. Negatives can be put onto CDs and DVDs digitally too.  The negatives are actually turn into positive images that are digital.

The paper photos you have can be scanned in and have different levels of adjustments made too.  Faded photos can be enhanced, they can be cropped, the contrast can be changed, and image rotation can also be done.  Photos can be made ready for print or video if too much fading hasn’t yet occurred.

Film in super 8mm or just 8mm can be transferred to MPEG4 files, AVI-xvid, Blue-Ray, DVD, or MJPEG files.  They are done very carefully, one frame at a time.  You won’t have to get out your projector anymore you can use your computer or television to watch them.

Other things that the slide scanning services can do include digital repairs and restoration, transferring audio tapes, video taps, and even more. By using these services you can save all your memories digitally and safely.

Through having image organization available to you, you’re able to see the scans before your final product is done. This can allow you to figure out what you want for the transfer that is done finally to DVD or CD formats.  Scans you’re not a fan of can be rejected.  When you send photos to slide scanning services this makes it even easier.  You just collect them and mail them in.  Once they’re scanned they can be viewed on the web where it is much easier to rearrange and organize the digital copies of them.

Now you can see how easy and convenient it can be to save memories from photos or film for years to come!  Just mail your memories off today to one of the slide scanning services and you’re sure to love how they turn out.  You won’t have to worry about damage or fading of your memories because of aging, air, or light exposure.

Image by Michael Oh:  Kodak Ektachrome Tungsten Slide Scans

Article by Keith Spangler

Keith Spangler suggests that even though price is a consideration when choosing slide scanning services, you also need to make sure the services available are professional and complete.  Slide scanning services that provide restoration and color correction will be able to preserve your images for generations to come.


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