April 25, 2014

Selecting The Right Photo Scanner

When selecting a photo scanner asks yourself what you are going to use it for.  Sending e-mail photo, putting them on a CD, scrap booking or restoring your photos?  Once you know, start looking at bit depth – resolution (pixels) the scanner has.  The bit depth is quality of color, detail and contrast.  It affects both the sharpness and quality of the scanner’s image colors.

Resolution is the essential to choosing a photo flatbed scanner.  The resolution is the number of pixels the flatbed scanner is able to copy.  The higher resolution pixels equals better scanning quality.  A higher resolution scanner will also give you more detail.  The resolution is often noted on the photo flatbed scanners.

Resolution (pixels) is the number of dots an image has.  The more you have the better photo . So if you are looking for a photo scanner for e-mailing or putting on a CD, you need at least 72 resolution (pixel).  Flatbed scanners that have a 24 bit depth are best for every day scanning.  Photo flatbed scanners with a depth of 30 to 36 bits are able to produce images in excellent colors.

If you are going to be scanning simple materials like pictures on e-mails and put them on a CD  you will only need a  flatbed photo scanner with a resolution of 400 to 600 DPI.  If you are going to scan a great number of photos you will need a photo scanner with a very high quality; a higher resolution.  You will need a photo flatbed scanner with a resolution ranging from 600 to 1,200 DPI.

The flatbed photo scanner will also work great for you if you love to scrap.   A one touch scanner will work the best for excellent photo and you can’t get a photo scanner that is so easy to use then a one touch scanner.

When restoring photos you will need dirt and scratches remove so your photo look clean and scratch free.  You will need a higher resolution (pixels) to get the fantastic photo you are looking for.  Color image scanners will be the best for you.  Color image scanners are very easy to use there are a lot of them out there so look for the right one for you.

Picking the right photo scanner can be very hard to do so take your time and look at all the different ones out there.  Use the Internet to shop the many manufacturers that produce photo scanners.  Shop your local computer retailers and digital photo equipment stores.   Much success to you.

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