April 21, 2014

Giving New Life To Old Photos

Everyone has an abundant supply of old photos.  Sites like Exposures and Ancestry.com know just how much those old images mean to you and will help you give your old photos a new life.  The memories that are attached to each photo are priceless, and for those prints that are from the past (where digital cameras were not used), time can really take a toll on their condition.  You can preserve your old photos in many ways.  Use your scanner to load them onto your computer and edit or retouch them to create beautiful new looking prints or keep them in their tattered condition and display them proudly as part of your heritage.  Below are some fun and unique ideas on how to use and display your old photos.

Family Trees

You can make a family tree in a variety of ways.  Use the photos in the condition they are in to show the age or scan and restore them using digital software.  You can find tons of great projects for creating family tree displays that include simple frame placements, collages and even murals that cover an entire wall in your home.

Art For Your Home

Use the old photos that you have as artwork for your home.  Some of the older photos in your home would look great displayed in antique frames.  Something as simple as a picture of the old boat dock that you used to play on as a kid can add an eclectic charm to your décor.  You can even use the old photos as décor by printing them onto lampshades, throw pillows or storage boxes.  Why buy décor that is printed with a meaningless scene or image. Create your own to have an item that is priceless and that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Make a collage of all your old photos.  You can take up an entire wall or just a small space in your home to add together your favorite photos of the good ole’ days.  Collages are fun to make and you can even have your children help you find the favorite pictures you will use and decide on where and how to display them in the collage.


If you have a favorite old photo that you want to be able to carry with you, think about creating a piece of jewelry with the image embedded into it.  That old photo of your favorite grandmother can become part of your locket, bracelet or even a large ring or brooch.


A calendar is a great way to display some of your favorite photos, and each month as you turn the page, you will have a new one displayed on your wall.  Desk calendars are a great gift to give to someone to have in their office. This way, they will always have a special moment to reflect back on as they schedule their hectic days.  Check online for some more exciting and fun ways to display your old photos!

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Article by Robin Burton

Robin Burton is a freelance writer for UltimateCoupons.com


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