April 16, 2014

Digital Photo Albums Need Digital Back-Up

Part of our most cherished memories are stored in digital photo frames.  Back in the old times, processing film from a camera was something of a chore.  One had to take your roll of film to trained professionals and sit calmly for a few days before they became ready to go, and one also had to pay for it.  Nowadays, most cameras are digital and the pictures are simple to develop by yourself.  All you need to do is load your best pictures into a electronic photography album also known as a digital photo album.

Digital photo albums are great, because they are basically photo frames that can store a multitude of digital photographs.  You could prop one up on your desk at home as you would an old fashioned picture frame, but instead of a single picture you will be treated to an entire timed interval slideshow.  You will either transfer pictures into the digital photo album directly from a USB thumb drive, or take them from your computer.  Most digital photo albums come with protectors so the device will not get scratched or broken, and they also include a rechargeable battery pack.

The most appealing trait of the digital photo album is the simple factor.  Old school picture albums were very fragile and difficult to maintain after a few years of wear and tear, and if a photograph was gone it was lost for good.  The digital photo albums can be easily reloaded without causing wear on the photographs themselves, as they can always be re-uploaded from the flash drive, a computer CD drive, or from the album itself.  Typically,most digital photo albums can display many more photos than the bland old fashioned album (some digital models can store up to 10,000 pictures).  If you still keep beloved paper photographs, you can have them uploaded into a digital album.

As exciting and convenient as digital photo albums are we must not forget that digital photo albums need digital back-up to ensure that the digital images are protected and safely preserved.

live.pirillo.com – Last year, my parents lost a lot of digital photos in a hard drive crash.  It was very tragic, because they had not backed up any of their digital photo albums.  They had the Picasa software to help them with the backup, but I had never explained how to use it. I have apologized many times. Picasa is now a free program, and can help save your photos, should some disaster or failure ever occur. This video was originally shared on blip.tv by l0ckergn0me with a No license (All rights reserved) license.


Article by Eric Vaknin

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