April 20, 2014

Photo Retouching Brings Magical Change To Ordinary Photos

Photo retouching can bring a magical change to your old family photo or give a professional look to your ordinary looking picture.

Image editing is very special and can provided a fabulous touch to your existing image and make it look professional or artistic.  Editing of graphics is done for photo retouching, photo restoration, photo enhancement, giving special effects, changing color shades and modes.  You can re-size photos by modifying photo height, width.

A photographic enthusiast  can make an overweight woman look like a slim woman.  Any shape can be distorted, flipped, rotated by graphics editing.  Light and shadow can play a part in graphic design.  A photo of a landscape taken during the daytime can be changed to look like a photo taken at night.  A photo of summer can be made to look like a photo in snowfall.  A clear image can be changed to an image in fog by use of photo retouching.  A human face can look like an animated type character.

Photo retouching and photo editing gives you benefit of generating output in various file formats.  If the original file format is in JPG format, you can generate output in GIF, BMP, TIFF with image quality diminished or enhanced.  You can also generate output in software specific file format. Popular photo retouching software lets you generate output in software’s own default format.  If you are using Adobe Photoshop, you can get output in default PSD format.  Corel Draw generates output in CDR format.

With digital cameras all the photos may not be properly taken.  Ambiance of photo shoot may damage quality of photos.  Shades of light, fog or darkness often affect clarity of pictures.  Photo figures do not look clear if taken from a distance without zooming.  Photo retouching can edit such pictures to look like a perfectly taken picture.  All of the shaded figures can be adjusted by retouching tools.  All of the blurred portions of the image can be sharpened for prominence.

Print media requires the use of illustrations on pages of newspaper or magazine.  Here illustrators make collages of photos by image manipulation.  Slimming point ads where showing weight loss of men and women can be done by right photo editing software.  On-line websites use graphics editing to make graphics more glamorous looking.

Although photo retouching may be a great hobby it can take time and acquired skill to do it well.  It may take hours of time to edit a single image.  To edit an image a designer has to look at the minute details of work.  Concentration, patience and professionalism are very much necessary in photo editing.

If you are planning to retouch any of your photos or planning to make an on-line photo album for your website consider help from an expert.  An experienced graphic editor has experience working in Adobe Photoshop.  He can quickly decide which portion should be retouched and what modification should be done to make the image look more dazzling.  If you want your photos to get noticed and applauded, then image manipulation should be the best option you should adopt.

Article by Steve Saha

Steve Saha a designer by profession specializing in website, blogs, mini-site, banners, e-covers and flash designs.  He has created hundreds of mini-sites for his clients all over the world. You can find more details of his work and articles at Ecover Expert : website for ecover and graphics design


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The Importance of Landscape Photography Tips

Getting some good photography tips is a fundamental necessity before embarking on a trip to take landscape photos, especially if you are planning on using expensive equipment and selling the photographs for profit. Most people have taken a photography course and many people have even gotten art degrees that specialize in photography. It is still wise to visit a professional photography forum to get some tips from people who are working in the field, before taking any landscape photographs.

The reason that photography tips are so necessary is because taking landscape photos is not easy – in fact, they can be downright hard. When you take a photography course, you will probably learn about the important of choosing a good location and lighting, but it can be difficult to put these things in perspective without real world experience. A professional photography forum will provide all sorts of insight into these types of issues, and advice from the professionals can be priceless.

One of the best photography tips when it comes to landscape photos is look at where everything is positioned, the details and textures of the ground, where the sun is coming from and where it will be within a few hours. After taking a photography course, you will probably know something about how this will affect the way that the details of the landscape look. Choosing the location in the first place is the hardest part, though, and choosing a location that offers the best natural light for the longest period of time can present some real challenges. The people at a professional photography forum can help work through these issues.

There are many other technical photography tips that you can find in a good online forum, which might range from the positioning of the equipment to the actual printing of the photos. It’s one of the best ways to ensure a successful transition to professional photography.

For more resources regarding Photography tips or even about Digital photography tips and especially about Digital wedding Photography please review these pages

For more resources regarding Photography tips or even about Digital photography tips and especially about Digital wedding Photography please review these pages

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Digital Photo Editing – 3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Digital Photos

El pianista
digital photo editing tips

Image by Iván Cabrera
Concierto en el Teatro Victoria, Durango, Dgo. México

Metodo de conversion a blanco y negro en Lightroom aqui blog.jaredpolin.com/blog/2010/4/29/digital-photography-ed… esta en inglés.

Back in the day there was no such thing as digital photo editing. If you wanted to enhance your photos there simply weren’t any options. You just had to hope that your photos came out decent. Recent technology though, allows us to edit and enhance our digital photos after they’ve already been taken! Here are 3 simple ways that you can enhance your photos with digital photo editing software.

Digital Photo Editing Tip #1 – Cropping

Digital photo editing makes it easy to correct a digital photo that may not have been lined up very well. You always want to make sure that the focus of your photo, whether it be a person or an object, is in the middle of your frame. If it is not then you can use the crop feature to edit the photo so that the important parts of the photo are highlighted or centered. You can also crop a photo in order to clean up unnecessary background activity or to reduce the size of an image so that it can be more easily shared over the internet.

Digital Photo Editing Tip #2 – Red Eye Removal

One thing that can ruin a photo fast is red eye. Red eye is caused by the reflection of light off of the retina in the eye. The red color actually comes from the blood vessels that are nourishing the eye. Most digital photo editing software programs offer a red eye removal tool. If the digital photo editing program that you are using does not have a red eye removal tool then just simply zoom in to each eye and paint over the red reflection. I personally use Photo Editor X because it allows me to remove red eye with the click of a button. For more information on Photo Editor X Click Here

Digital Photo Editing Tip #3 – Sharpening

Sometimes a photo can come out a bit soft. If this is  the case with your photo then try out the sharpen tool in your digital photo editing software. The sharpen tool, if overused, can lead to jagged edges in your photo, but if used moderately it can really enhance your digital photos. It’s difficult to describe in words exactly how the sharpen tool can improve your photos. The best thing to do is to open up your digital photo editing software and tinker with it. Most digital photo editing programs allow you to see the outcome of the sharpen effect without actually having to commit to the edits. Give it a try and see what happens.

If you would like to learn more about Photo Editor X which makes it easy to enhance and edit pictures and digital photos CLICK HERE

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Digital Photo Albums

Digital photographs have become extremely popular nowadays due to their inherent advantages over the more traditional sorts of photographs.  They can be viewed and used immediately after they have been taken – no need to wait out long film development times thanks to the fact that they require no further development unless they need to be tweaked somehow.  They can also be shared and enjoyed almost instantaneously thanks to the pervasiveness of internet connections and the wide range of equipment that can be connected over the internet or more localized wireless connections such as Bluetooth.  And thanks to the compressibility of files and the ever-dropping prices of storage media, thousands and even millions of digital pictures are far easier to store – in digital albums – than printed pictures.

Digital photo albums have a definite and tangible advantage over actual physical albums that store printed pictures. Firstly, due to the fact that storage media capacity is increasing while its price is dropping, it is becoming ever easier to store large amounts of high-quality pictures, and in digital albums as large as desired, on even a tiny flash disk or memory card.  This is possible even if the pictures stored in that disk or card are of the highest resolution and the highest quality possible or desirable.  By comparison, a physical printed picture album can only contain so many pictures before it becomes too large and/or heavy, and thus too unwieldy to be brought around easily.

Digital photo albums can easily be modified or tweaked to suit the needs or tastes of their recipients or viewers. Pictures can be increased or decreased in size very easily to ease viewing or for viewing on large monitors or TVs, or for high resolution printing purposes.  By comparison, it is impossible for users of physical picture albums to do anything similar with the pictures they view – they would have to digitize them first using a document scanner and then manipulate the images they derive by doing so.

It can be equally easy for viewers or users of digital albums to do something as drastic as changing the formatting of the album itself and selecting another format or template that suits them better. Digital photo albums can easily be re-sized and cropped according to the recipients’ changing needs.  Depending on the format of the album, it can even be easy for users to make use of pictures stored inside digital albums for their own purposes.  The same cannot be said of albums using traditional pictures, which cannot be changed in the same way.  Such a change can only be effected by purchasing a new album and painstakingly transferring the pictures to it one at a time.

A digital photo albums’ advantage over printed picture albums is so great as to make the comparison almost pointless.  However, there is one advantage a printed picture holds over a digital one: there is currently no digital substitute for a printed picture stored in one’s wallet, which can be taken out and utilized immediately when the need suddenly arises.  Mano Tomas M&G Production Wedding Photography Videographer http://www.mgproduction.ca

Mano Tomas photographer videographer more than 28 years of experience in the field of entertainment.


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Simple Photo Scanning Tips

The photo scanning task is an easy to learn hobby for many people.  If you are new at this hobby the following guideline will tell you more about basic scanning tips that you can try out and practice at home and finally find the best result.  Make sure to follow the instruction carefully and properly, thus you can finish your task perfectly.  The scanner comes in various brands and features.  Make sure to know about the parts of the scanner you use to bring the guarantee of successful scanning task.

Using photo scanning equipment will let you to get the result as you desire since you can edit and even delete the undesired files.  Photo scanning equipment offers you the flexibility to manage and modify your images or other possible formats.  The first important photo scanning task you need to know is the good maintenance.  It is important to clean the scanner glass periodically.  Make sure to clean the scanner from any dirt, hair and lint.  The important thing is knowing how to scan a 3D object.  If you scan such thing, you should place the clear transparency on the glass. This will protect your scanner from any scratches.

If you have the too dark an image after scanning the 3D object the best thing you can do is to place a piece of white paper or even the small white cloth on top of the object.  It is much better than closing the scanner lid.  Further, it is not important to crop the part of document or pictures if you want to scan the small part of the entire document.

The next important thing to consider is the file format your need to use.  In this case you are recommended to save the file with a specific format or file extension.  TIF and it is good due to the high quality and also the universal support.  If you wish to send the files via e-mail, it is important to save the file in a JPG format.  This is the compressed version which will let you to manage the file easier.

The last essential thing you need to do is name the file with the popular or easy name that will help you find the image at a later time easily and rapidly.

The above steps are a few of many  important things you need to know and consider when doing photo scanning. Perhaps, these are  trivial or basic things, but these are things that will really be beneficial to guaranting the success of your photo scanning hobby.

If you want to learn more about it, feel free to look at the guideline of best photo scanners and photo scanner with feeder.
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Using Microsoft PowerPoint To Create Digital Photo Albums

If you want to create an impressive and useful digital photo album you might want to consider Microsoft PowerPoint.  A PowerPoint photo album is just a presentation that helps you store and display these photos in a digital way.

Advantages of making a  digital photo album with Microsoft PowerPoint include…

  1. PowerPoint is available on most computers.  You don’t need to buy other software to make a digital photo album.  It is easy and cost-effective to do it with PowerPoint.
  2. Show your photos according to the sequence you like, make your memories more beautiful.
  3. Besides photos, you can also add effects such as attention-grabbing slide transitions, colorful backgrounds, specific picture layouts and more into your PowerPoint digital photo album.
  4. A digital photo album that is made in PowerPoint is easy for wide sharing.

Below are the step to follow to create an attractive digital photo album with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

1. Open PowerPoint. On the Insert tab, click the Photo Album button, in the drop-down list, there is the New Photo Album option.


2. Insert pictures. Click File/Disc button.  Choose pictures you want to include in the album from folders on your hard drive.  You can import several pictures to the album at a time.

In the photo album dialogue box, you will see the selected pictures in the Picture in Album list.  You can view each picture by clicking it.  And you can also change the order of a picture by choosing it and clicking the Move Up or Move Down button.  Below the preview of the picture, you will be able to see six buttons, which you can use to adjust the rotation, contrast and brightness of each picture.

3. Create album layout. Under Album Layout, by clicking Picture layout arrow, and then in the drop-down list, you can choose the layout format you like.  By clicking Frame Shape arrow, in the drop-down list of it you can choose the frame you want to add to your pictures.

4. Create title and subtitle for your album. After you have clicked Create button, on Slide 1, type the title you want for your album in the place of the words of Photo Album.  Then if necessary, give your album a subtitle by inputting it in the place of your user name.  Display Slide 2, click the title placeholder, and then type the title for this slide.

5. Edit the photo album. On the Insert tab, click the Photo Album arrow, and then click Edit Photo Album.  In the Edit Photo Album dialog box, under Picture Options, select Captions below All pictures box, and then click Update.  Now you can edit the file name below each picture with a suitable caption.

6. Apply a theme to your album. On the Design tab of PowerPoint, in the Themes area, select a theme that meets the need of your album.  Or you can also customize the look of your album by choosing a theme from your computer.

You have now finished making your own PowerPoint digital photo album. Want to e-mail it to your friends or colleague?  Want to share it with others?   Below are a few tips about how to do this.

1. E-mail your photo album to others

Maybe you will find that the photo album is in a huge size due to the mountainous images added in it, and you can’t send it properly via e-mail.  In order to reduce the size of it, you can use compressed pictures in your photo album.

Open bitmap image with a program that converts images and save the image in one of the following graphic file formats: jpg, gif, tif, wmf.  Once your image has been saved under another format, you can reinsert it into your photo album.

Here is an article tells how to reduce the file size of a PowerPoint

2. Share your photo album with others

You can upload your beautiful photo album to some online sharing websites, such as YouTube.  Let more people enjoy it or let your friends view your photo album online.

Convert your Photo album to a certain format that YouTube accepts.  Then upload it with your YouTube account.

Tool: Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter

It helps you easily convert your photo album to WMV, AVI, MOV, and MPEG formats that can be accepted by YouTube. After the conversion, you can directly upload it.

3. Keep your photo album for permanent store

The photo album you make maybe valuable and meaningful.  In order to store it and prevent it from being edited by others, so far the best way I know maybe is to record it on a DVD disc.  As we know things stored in a digital way could be easily lost.

Use some professional tool to help you burn your photo album to DVD such as the PowerPoint to DVD tool from Acoolsoft.

To view the finished PowerPoint digital photo album is an enjoyable thing.  The process of making it is also interesting.  So, when are you going to create your next photo album?  Very soon, I presume.


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Free Photo Editing Software For Your Favorite Photos

Photo editing software is a program which is used to modify digital images.  There are lots of digital image editing programs available online and it could be downloaded free of cost.  With the help of these programs the photos taken by you could be made wonderful thereby enhancing its quality.

Photo editing software has a range of features.  There are many edit tools incorporated in your program with which you can resize, crop, remove red eye, bring is sepia or grey effect, and also adjust color according to your whims and fancies.  Additionally there are a number of tools like merge, overlay etc which helps you to add multiple photos to one single frame and create a collage poster depending on your creativity. Splitter is one other useful tool which divides a photo into numerous pieces allowing you to rearrange a photograph by cropping unnecessary descriptions focused while taking the snap.

While there are many image editing software accessible online Picasa from the house of Google is a famous free software used by many people to edit images.  You can edit and share photos with your friends and family effortlessly using Picasa.  You can make any picture better by changing contrast and brightness accordingly.  You can also fix blemishes and fine tune an image with Picasa.

By fixing blemishes you can remove all unwanted spots that spoil the appearance of your photo.  Many programs adjust the brightness and contrast automatically based on your image.  Restoring an old photo is now made simple and easy with editing software.  You can perhaps change color, back ground information and use other tuning tools to make your photo look the best.  You need not spend dollars to buy a professional photoshop tool, as many tools required by an amateur photographer are obtainable for free.  Now immediately download a free photo editing software and turn your images like the ones taken by a lensman.

Article by Chris Cornell

You can visit Chris Cornell at Free Photo Editing Software and Free Photo Software.


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Recover Photos Digital Camera

Restored Photo
restore photos

Image by SpoiltCat
Photo restoration by myself in photoshop, I’m quite pleased with it despite areas I can see for improvement.

Original Scan can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/spoiltcat/3266369923/

Recover Photos Digital Camera

Digital camera deleted data recovery utility

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Digital camera lost photo recovery software restores all missing files and folders within few minutes without loss of any information. Digital camera deleted picture restoration application revives erased data even some logical error is occurred while accessing camcorder device. Digital camera damaged snaps rescue program is user friendly with all type of camcorder brands including Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Canon and Nikon.

Digital camera crashed snapshots recovery software restores all missing audio, video, image, snaps and other documents from memory card of digital camera. Digital camera corrupted photo salvage tool retrieves data even memory card is pulled out from running camera. Digital camera damaged picture rescue utility is compatible with all Windows operating system including Windows 2000, 98, XP, NT and Vista. Digital camera deleted image retrieval program revives data even drive not formatted or drive not detected message is displayed on computer screen during accessing of digital camera. Digital camera lost snapshot restoration wizard performs in-depth scanning of memory card of digital camera and stores that recovered data at user specified location. Digital camera deleted data recovery software provides graphical user interface. Digital camera crashed picture salvage application renovates missing data even data is deleted due to improper shutdown of camcorder device.

To know more about this Software visits this following URL:


Digital camera erased photo recovery software restores all missing files and folders from memory card of digital camera.

Deleted photo rescue application

Digital camera crashed picture salvage utility recovers all damaged documents even camcorder device is virus infected or formatted.

Contact Detail

Company Name: – USB restore

E-mail:- urstr@usbrestore.com

Website: – http://www.usbrestore.com

We one of the growing organizations develops creative, innovative, user friendly and easy to use software with a sincere focus on our clients. We work on various technologies including Recovery software, Accounting software, Database convertor, Mobile Forensic, Chat utilities, Web tools that are applicable in various field. We provide users the most complete, timely, cost effective professional software services to achieve outstanding results. Our mission is to develop the most powerful and innovative techniques available in software industry.

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Make Wall Art from Black and White Photos

Photo Champ Shutter Fix
fix photos

Image by Travis Gray
I’m uploading this pic in case anyone has an old plastic 127 cam like this (Photo Champ, Cardinal, Cinéx, to name a few) that needs the shutter fixed….you just take a thin utility blade (or a couple of small flathead screwdrivers) and pry your way gently around the crack starting from the shutter lever until the glue comes loose (pretty much like the www.toycamera.com/tech/shutter.cfm).

turns out there’s not much to fix (besides cleaning the shutter blade and lens) and it’s pretty much a crummy shutter design. the spring just forces the mickey mouse-shaped shutter blade to go past the aperture when the shutter lever is clicked up and down. this one works best when the camera is held upside down so it fires smooth when clicked in both directions (sticks on the up motion otherwise.)

then of course you just glue the lens back on:)

Article by Sandee Lembke

Our master bedroom needed a huge makeover. The paint was old, the curtains were dusty and the artwork was outdated. I didn’t want to spend a fortune re-doing everything so I looked for inexpensive solutions to give the room a whole new look without breaking the bank.

Paint was a must. In some of our other rooms, we used a paint color made by Pittsburgh Paint called “Happy Trails, which is a really rich tan color.

Next, I knew those old curtains had to be changed out, so I found an inexpensive curtain rod and bought two different scarves and draped those over the rod. Done.

Since the room is primarily tan, it needed some color so I made a couple of arrangements out of silk and dried flowers. A nice pop against the warm tan of the walls.

Now, what to do about the wall art? Most people want to display family photos as I do but I didn’t want a bunch of mismatched frames sitting around. I was going for a cleaner look.

Our last child just left for college so I wanted to showcase the transition my family has undergone over the past 22 years. It came to me to make wall art out of black and white photos and matching frames.

How I made it

Pick the photos. I chose one of my family when the two kids were very young and one of my family now. Then I found my favorite picture of just the kids when they were little and another one of them now.

Fix the photos. After selecting the four photos, some had to be scanned into my computer while the more recent ones were taken with my digital camera and were already in my computer. Adobe Photoshop makes it easy to fix photos. They were all different sizes and colors so the first thing I had to do was make them all uniform.

Using the “Image-Size” function in Photoshop, I made them all 5 x 7′s and using the “Image-Mode-Grayscale” function, I turned them into black and whites. I ended up with four, 5 x 7, black and white photos. This is an important step, in my opinion, because you want them all to match.

Buy the frames. In order to accomplish the uniform look, I also selected four identical frames.

Hang them. Once the four black and white photos were in the frames, I had to decide how I wanted to hang them. The orientation of the photos (portrait or landscape) will help you decide the configuration (across in a straight line, down in a straight line, in a perfect square…).

Two of my photos were landscape and 2 were portrait so I decided to put them in a square with an irregular edge to create visual interest. We hung up the photo collage yesterday and my husband helped to ensure that the frames were all perfectly spaced.

The wall art that we created turned out just as I pictured it. This photo collage was inexpensive to make and will be cherished for years to come.

About the Author

To see a picture of the photo wall art I made for our master bedroom, go to the bottom of my Memories page at http://www.theme-party-queen.com/scrapbook-ideas.html Author: Sandee Lembke from http://www.theme-party-queen.com. Whether you are looking for savory appetizer and tempting dessert recipes or tips on preserving party memories, Theme Party Queen.com has it.

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Adding Stock Scanning Tips to Your Trading Plan

On the way downtown – San Francisco, California / サンフランシスコ (カリフォルニア)
scanning tips

Image by Jose P Isern Comas
Isern Comas, Jose P.,, photographer.

Going downtown.
San Francisco, California – 1991

1 slide: color.

Stock scanning is a vital tool used by professional traders to find symbols that fit their criteria.  There are thousands of programs and resources that scan the stock market based upon investor criteria, locating stocks that fit your trading system.  Are you seeking stocks with a price between and with a PEG ratio of .4?  A stock scanner will search through piles of data and return with hundreds of names that match the criteria.  Why do all the initial searching when automated programs can do it for you?

Stock scanning saves time

Looking through thousands of stocks listed on trading exchanges takes time – when your most valuable resource as a trader is the time you can spend trading rather than searching. 

Finding stocks does not make money for you; it’s the trading that does.  Planning to use a stock scanner or manual scanning in a trading plan is a good way to lay down the rules for your trading systems.

What to consider when adding stock scanning tips

Consider what kind of trader you are in creating the parameters for your stock scanning.  For example, if you find yourself making money shorting stocks and losing on buying, scan only for stocks that have a fundamental problem. 

Inherently, when you trade with the market, the odds are in your favor.  Creative techniques, such as only selling stocks short if they are largely unprofitable, are a good way to increase your odds.  Likewise, buying companies with huge year over year growth makes much more sense than selling the stock at a top.  If you flow with the uptrends, downtrends and sideways trends, you’ll produce bigger profits and smaller losses.  That’s a combination that can’t be beat.

Trading plan planner

Profitable traders know that a good trading plan planner creates the foundation of successful profits.  A trading plan planner will allow you to organize your thoughts and system into one comprehensive trading plan. 

Outline your stock scanning tips and proven strategies in a step by step plan.  Start with the most simple but also definitive indicator.  For example, if only 10% of stocks qualify for a certain criteria, it would be smart to start off the steps with that specific criteria set.  Weeding out the bad stocks as quickly as you can will speed up the scanning process and leave you only with quality stocks you would want to hold.

Philosophy of stock scanning

Stock scanning is done to save time and money, while allowing you to place quality trades.  It isn’t the number of trades that count, but the quality and what each stock brings to the table.  In many respects, stock scanning is the best way to count through thousands of shares and find the best company for your trading plan.  When trading plan and quality stocks meet, you’ll become a profitable trader.

Learn how to master day trading by downloading two of Trading EveryDay’s FREE products: Tools of the Trade eBook and a Trading Plan Planner. Dedicated to helping people become profitable traders, Leroy Rushing, a professional day trader, trading coach, and author, is the CEO of Trading EveryDay, a distinguished provider of educational trading products and services.

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